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Double Dragon V Max Box (Double Sided Collection Box)

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  • Release Date: 1st December 2023
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    Pokemon VMAX Dragons Premium Collection (Pokemons first double sided collection box)

    A pair of thundering roars pierce the air as Rayquaza VMAX and Duraludon VMAX show off the might and power of Dragon-type Pokemon.

    With this power-packed set, you can add both of these ferocious Pokemon VMAX to your collection, along with Rayquaza V and Duraludon V for a total of four ready-to-play foil cards. Discard Energy from Rayquaza VMAX to increase the strength of its Max Burst attack or overwhelm your opponent with Duraludon VMAX's G-Max Pulverization attack, which does an incredible 220 point damage and is not affected by any effects on your opponent's Active Pokemon.

    You also get oversize versions of Rayquaza VMAX and Duraludon VMAX for display, plus a huge stack of Pokemon TCG booster packs with even more treasure inside! Tear down your opponents with these VMAX Dragons.

    The Pokemon TCG VMAX Dragon Premium Collection includes;

    • 2 etched foil cards featuring Rayquaza VMAX and Duraludon VMAX
    • 2 foil cards featuing Rayquaza V and Duraludon V
    • 2 foil oversize cards featuring Rayquaza VMAX and Duraludon VMAX
    • 11 Pokemon TCG booster packs
    • a code card for either Pokemon TCG Online or Pokemon TCG Live
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