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One Piece Starter Deck - Film Edition ST05

SKU: 811039038953
Out of Stock
  • ONE PIECE CARD GAME Starter Deck with Film Themed Series!

    • An affordable starter deck that lets you experience the best scenes from the FILM series!
    • An all-star deck that includes characters from the latest movie "ONE PIECE FILM RED"!
    • Seize victory with the All-Star Deck featuring characters from previous FILM series!
    • Discover the famous scenes from the FILM series with One Piece Card Game!
    • Super powerful cards with the "FILM" trait that synergize with each other!


    ・Constructed Deck x 1 (51 cards)*
    ・DON!! Cards x 10
    ・Index x 3
    *Contains some identical cards from 17 types for gameplay

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